Affiliate Policy

Last updated: August 25th, 2023

Affiliate Application

  1. Prospective affiliates seeking to establish a partnership with Super Hose must complete an official affiliate application.
  2. Our dedicated team will meticulously evaluate all applications and may seek additional information to ascertain eligibility.

Minimum Requirements

Authorized affiliates are expected to satisfy specified minimum purchase requisites as outlined in our reseller agreement.

Product Distribution

  1. Recognized resellers are permitted to distribute Super Hose products through approved sales channels.
  2. Affiliates are explicitly prohibited from vending our products via platforms that infringe upon our established distribution guidelines or compromise our pricing structures.

Branding and Marketing

  1. Affiliates must uphold accurate representation of Super Hose products and adhere to our meticulous branding guidelines.
  2. Any modification of product packaging or co-branding mandates prior consent from our end. Unauthorized alterations are strictly prohibited.

Termination of the Affiliate Status

We reserve the right to rescind the reseller status of any entity found to be in breach of our affiliate agreement, distribution protocols, or branding prerequisites.

Wholesale Pricing

Official affiliates qualify for wholesale pricing as per the terms set forth in our affiliate agreement.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at