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Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings

We offer the Superhose brand for the segments of the market with a focus on the economy but maintaining excellent quality. Manuli is recommended for high-performance applications, providing a very competitive price, while Continental is ideal for high-end applications with a premium product.

Industrial Hoses

We have products for two market segments: Superhose for an economical market with good performance, and Continental for the premium market. We provide hoses for all common applications such as suction and discharge of water, petroleum, chemicals, food, among others. Additionally, we also offer some specialty hoses.

Industrial Coupling

We represent the PT Coupling brand, a premium brand known for its variety and quality. We offer highly specialized components, especially in the petroleum discharge segment, among other specialties, all with the highest quality.

Conveyor Belts

The technological advancements provided by the Continental brand in their conveyor belts allow us to offer the best value service for your investment in this market. With their premium belts and lifespan tracking systems, you can be assured that your production will not be interrupted.

Industrial and Automotive Belts

For over 150 years, Continental has been a driving force as a major original equipment supplier for many leading national and imported automobile manufacturers worldwide.

As a leading provider of OE belts for vehicles globally, Continental is uniquely positioned to lead innovation in aftermarket products like the Multi-V OE Technology Series belts. These are the engine belts you already know, precision-designed for a perfect fit, form, and function.

Bronze Connections

We offer bronze connections from the Nacobre brand, known for its quality and variety. Our connections stand out for their thick walls, making them suitable for robust applications.

Hydraulic Adapters

We have a wide variety of threads, and Continental provides our range of hydraulic adapters manufactured in low-carbon steel, meeting the highest international standards.

Hydraulic Quick Couplings

In our Manuli quick couplings, we feature an innovative system that allows the direct mounting of the quick coupling to the flexible hose, thus avoiding intermediate connection elements.

Some benefits of this solution include:

Reduction of the risk of oil leaks

Elimination of field uncoupling issues

Reduction in the number of assembly elements, resulting in lower assembly costs and minimizing the risk of errors during assembly operations

Maintenance and replacement.

Hose Accessories

The range of hose protections from Manuli Hydraulics is the culmination of decades of experience in the hydraulic connector industry. Our hose protections are designed to meet the strictest requirements, adhering to international safety standards, while actively preventing damage to hoses and potential injuries.


We are the world leader in the manufacturing of worm gear clamps and specialties.

Since our foundation in 1913, Ideal – Tridon has been dedicated to producing the best products that comply with official regulations.

Whether you require a standard product or a special one, Ideal – Tridon has the personnel, facilities, and expertise to provide you with what you need, right from the first time, with comprehensive service.

Crimping Machines

Our crimping systems in both brands have everything necessary for your business, whether in a plant or mobile service setting, providing you with all the safety for a reliable assembly.