Automotive Hoses - Brake Hose J1401 ARMADA

Automotive brake hose for reliable performance.

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J1401 Armada Brake Hoses are designed to meet the specific requirements of the J1401 standard for automotive braking systems. These hoses offer enhanced durability and safety in high-pressure brake fluid transmission.


Key Features:


Type: J1401 Armada Brake Hoses

Usage: Hydraulic brake fluid transmission in vehicles, meeting J1401 standard

Construction: These hoses are constructed to meet the J1401 standard, providing enhanced durability and safety for brake fluid transmission.

Compatibility: Suitable for conveying hydraulic brake fluid in vehicles' braking systems, meeting the J1401 standard's requirements.

Temperature Range: Engineered to operate within the temperature range of braking systems.

Certifications: Meets international quality and safety standards, specifically the J1401 standard.

J1401 Armada Brake Hoses provide a reliable solution that meets stringent standards, ensuring enhanced durability and safety for automotive brake fluid transmission.


(Note: The J1401 standard relates to hydraulic brake hoses for use with non-petroleum base brake fluids. Always refer to manufacturer specifications and guidelines for proper use and installation.)