Hydraulic Hoses - SUPERHOSE Type 4SH by Type 100R5

Hydraulic hose combining strength and compatibility.


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SUPERHOSE hydraulic hoses of Type 4SH by Type 100R5 offer a versatile solution for hydraulic systems that require high-pressure performance.


Key Features:


Type: 4SH by Type 100R5

Usage: High-pressure hydraulic applications

Construction: These hoses combine the durability of the 4SH design with the compatibility of the 100R5 specification, providing a versatile solution for various hydraulic applications.

Compatibility: They are suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids, oils, and lubricants.

Temperature Range: They can operate within a wide temperature range, making them versatile for different applications.

Certifications: They comply with international standards of quality and safety.

These SUPERHOSE Type 4SH by Type 100R5 hoses offer the benefits of both designs, providing a reliable solution for hydraulic systems with high-pressure demands.