Pressure Washer Hoses - SUPERHOSE 6000 PSI

High-pressure hose for pressure washer applications.

SUPERHOSE special pressure washer hoses of 6,000 PSI offer a robust solution for high-pressure cleaning applications, delivering exceptional performance and durability.


Key Features:


Type: Special Pressure Washer Hose

Usage: High-pressure cleaning applications

Pressure Rating: 6000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

Construction: These hoses are constructed to withstand high-pressure water flows and intense cleaning environments. They are reinforced with high-strength materials for increased durability.

Compatibility: Suitable for use in various pressure washing applications, including cleaning equipment, vehicles, surfaces, and more.

Temperature Range: Designed to operate within a range of temperatures suitable for pressure washing activities.

Certifications: Meets international quality and safety standards

These SUPERHOSE special pressure washer hoses with a pressure rating of 6000 PSI provide a reliable and powerful solution for demanding high-pressure cleaning tasks.